Enjoy Baccarat Online in Pakistan

Baccarat is thought to have first been played by the nobility in fifteenth-century France and Italy. It was an elite game played only by aristocrats for many years, and today it is just as elegant and sophisticated but is open to everyone. Many of the online Pakistani casinos that we review offer fantastic versions of this refined entertainment, and we strongly encourage you to try them for yourself. To start you on your way, we have put some easy guidelines together.

Punto Banco is the most common Baccarat version to be found in the online casinos of Pakistan, which makes it a great place to start from and which is why we’ve explained it in detail here.

To begin, two hands of two cards are dealt, one for the Punto (or Player) and one for the Banco (or Banker). All of the face cards, and the ten, have a value of zero, while the Ace carries represents one and the other number cards all hold their face value. The totals of the hand are determined by adding them together and then dropping the ten units. So, for example, a hand with an Ace and a nine would be worth one and not eleven. The range of possible hands in Baccarat is thus zero to nine.

Bets are placed before the hands are dealt, and there are only three possible outcomes. The Banco hand can win, the Punto hand can win or the two can tie. The hand with the highest total takes the round, and a total of eight or nine is often called a Natural. When there is no Natural winner, the Punto hand is dealt another card if its total is less than six or seven. A Banco hand getting a third card is more involved, and depends on whether the Player hand was dealt one and what the value of that card was. These rules are quite complicated, but luckily you never have to concern yourself with remembering them. They are always the responsibility of the dealer, and most of the online Pakistani casinos we review actually deal a third card automatically whenever it is called for.

If you bet on a higher Punto hand and win you are paid out 1:1, and with a winning Banco bet the payout is the same with a 5% commission deduction. Betting on a tie has a reward of an eye-watering 8:1 payout!

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Online Baccarat Game Strategy

The cards dealt in Baccarat are always random, so the skill of the game are really around placing shrewd wagers. As you develop your playing style you will evolve your own tactics naturally, but we have given some very basic pointers here.

Firstly, you should always base your bets on calculated odds. These are explained in detail on the online and mobile Pakistani casinos we review, so check them carefully. As tempting as the payout is, it’s also best to avoid putting money on a tie because the house edge is as big as the potential rewards and stands at a staggering 14.1%. We also recommend avoiding bets against a string of wins. After three consecutive wins you should start betting with the run or wait for it to end.

Enjoy Classic Card Games Online

For the last word in refined game play, Baccarat is the perfect solution. This classic card game will captivate you, and its fast pace makes it fun and incredibly rewarding. Start experiencing baccarat for yourself in some of the finest online Pakistan-friendly casinos that we recommend right here.