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With a proud history that goes back to saloons in America’s frontier towns, this card game is one of the best-loved in the world. It has evolved along with its players and the online Poker rooms in Pakistan and the rest of the world are just as popular as their offline counterparts. They are cheaper to play in and easier to get to, with bigger bonuses and wider game choices. In fact, although land-based rooms are a thrill that everyone should experience, online sites are increasingly becoming the first choice of today’s sophisticated players. If you are interested in experiencing all of this for yourself, read out guidelines here.

At the start of each round, players are dealt five cards. They then place their bets in turn, supposedly based on how likely they think it is that their hand will win. Once everyone has had their turn, the hands are revealed and the wagered money (all placed in a central pot) is given to the player with the best hand. A strict hand ranking system is used in the online casinos in Pakistan, listed below from the best to the worst possible combination.

  • Royal Flush: Five sequential cards from the Ten to the Ace, of the same suit
  • Straight Flush: Any five sequential cards of the same suit
  • Four of a Kind: Four cards with the same rank and one other, such as 7-7-7-7-9
  • Full House: Two cards of a one rank and three of another, like 4-4-8-8-8
  • Straight: Five cards in sequence, such as 4-5-6-7-8, but not all of one suit
  • Three of a Kind: Three cards of one rank and two unmatched others, such as 6-6-6-&-Q
  • Two Pair: Two pairs of same-ranked cards and one other, like 4-4-K-K-J
  • One Pair: One pair of same-ranked cards and three unmatched others
  • High Card: This is the lowest viable hand, and simply contains five unmatched cards. The hand is named after the highest card, so one with 4-6-8-10-J would be called a Jack High

At your turn you can bet, fold and forfeit your hand in the round, or check if nobody else has yet placed a wager. This allows you to stay in the game without putting any money down.

The real intrigue in the game lies in how well you can read your opponents, and how well you can make them think what you want them to think about the cards in your own hand. By reading the subtle clues their behaviour reveals, called tells, you can make your own shrewd decisions. You need to make astute decisions based on others and the cards you were dealt, and this combination of psychology, strategy and chance truly never gets old.

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Play Real Money Poker Online

Playing online is quite different from playing offline, most notably because you can’t read the traditional physical clues that opponents give away and then play accordingly. However, as you play in online Pakistani rooms more and more, you will learn the many other tells you can use such as playing speed and live chat comments. There are many resources to helping you develop these insights, both on the sites and on the Internet in general. You can also usually play for free with no deposit to allow for essential practice. Take advantage of every opportunity to refine your skills – this is a lifelong pleasure and part of the game.

Best Online Poker Games in Pakistan

Now that you know a little more about the game, it’s time to start playing in the online Poker rooms in Pakistan. Whether you are a fan of Texas Hold’em, enjoy playing Sit ‘n Go’s or love the intensity of huge tournaments, you can enjoy it at all the online and mobile casino sites we recommend.